IOS Congresses

IOS International Organization for Succulent Plant Study

IOS International Organization for Succulent Plant Study

A brief list of the IOS congresses since 1950.

First meeting: September 1950, Zurich.

Congress: September 1953, Monaco.

Congress: September 1955, London.

Congress: August 1957, Den Haag.

Congress: August-September 1959, Kilel.

Congress: June 1961, Barcelona.

Congress: August 1963, Wien.

Congress: April-May 1965, Catania.

Congress: May 1967, Beaulieu.

Congress: May 1969, Liege.

Congress: June 1971, Heidelberg.

Congress: September 1973, Reading.

Congress: September 1974, Santa Barbara.

Congress: September 1976, Barcelona.

Congress: May 1978, Monte Carlo.

Congress: March 1980, Mexico City.

Congress August 1982, Wien.

Congress: June 1984, Frankfurt.

Inter-Congress: July 1985, Zurich.

Congress: March-April 1986, Salta.

Inter-Congress: September 1987, San Marino.

Congress: June 1988, Harare.

Inter-Congress: April 1989, Palermo.

Congress: July-August 1990, Zurich.

Inter-Congress: July 1991, Bonn.

Congress: April 1992, Phoenix.

Inter-Congress: March 1993, Malta.

Congress: August 1994, Wageningen.

Inter-Congress: September 1995, San Miguel de Allende.

Congress: September 1996, Bologna.

Inter-Congress: September 1997, San Marino.

Congress: August-September 1998, Cape Town.

Congress: March 2000, Zurich.

Congress: April 2002, Phoenix.

Congress: May-June 2004, Hamburg.

Congress: September 2006, Zürich.

Congress: August 2008, Natal.

Other congresses and inter-congresses to come soon.

Congress: November 2017, Cadereyta.

Most recent Congress: October, 13-21, 2019, Ica, Peru (click the following button).

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