Executive Board

The IOS is currently managed by an Executive Board of five members, comprising President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Secretary, who are elected for a period of two years.  A proposal to increase the number of Board Members to seven is under consideration.

President:  Dr Héctor M. Hernández

Instituto de Biología, UNAM,

Ciudad Universitaria, Apartado Postal 70-233,

04510 México City, Mexico

e-mail: hmhm {at} ib.unam.mx


Vice-President:  Dr Mats Hjertson

Museum of Evolution, Botany Section,

Uppsala University,

Norbyv. 16, SE 752-36 Uppsala, Sweden

e-mail: Mats.Hjertson {at} em.uu.se


Secretary:  Dr David Hunt

The Manse, Chapel Lane, Milborne Port,

Sherborne, DT9 5DL, United Kingdom

e-mail: dh {at} newcactuslexicon.org


Treasurer: Dr Sara Oldfield

BGCI, Descanso House, 199 Kew Road,

Richmond, TW9 3AB, United Kingdom

e-mail: sara.oldfield {at} bgci.org


Assistant Secretary:  Dr Christof Nikolaus Schröder

Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg,

Centre for Organismal Studies,

Department of Biodiversity and Plant Systematics

Im Neuenheimer Feld 345, Heidelberg,

D-69120 Germany

e-mail: niko.schroeder {at} cos.uni-heidelberg.de

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